Visiting rules

Everyone can visit the animal park at their own risk, during opening hours.

-The Dogs and other animals can only be brought into the zoo on a leash!

-Children under the age of 14 can only visit the zoo with an adult.

-Everyone can use the children's play equipment to ensure that they spend their free time meaningfully, or in the case of minors, at the responsibility of the legal representative, guardian or attendant!

-Smoking is allowed only in the designated place!

-Climbing on animals, reaching in, climbing on the grid and railing is dangerous and forbidden, which is also indicated by special warning signs. We ask parents to warn their children about this and to pay special attention to them!

-The petting zoo may only be used in the presence of an adult companion and at your own risk.

-Due to the protection of their health and their special feeding needs, the animals are only allowed to be fed on the designated catwalks with the delicacy of the zoo marketed for this purpose!

-Visitors are expected to protect the cleanliness of our park and surroundings.

It is strictly FORBIDDEN to litter or damage anything!

-In the interests of public safety and in the event of non-compliance with the zoo's regulations,

the zoo reserves the right to ask the visitor to leave the park.

-Contact any zoo worker with your questions or problems.

-First aid kit and emergency call facility are located in the CAFE building.

-The visitor is fully liable for the damages caused by him!

-Please keep your tickets until the end of the visit!

-We ask our dear visitors to follow the order of the visit in order to protect

themselves and our animals!