Welcome to the jungle!


Come and enjoy our exotic atmosphere!


Pamper your taste buds with our freshly made coffees!

Sit back and enjoy your favorite cocktail on our outdoor terrace.

Relax in the presence of wildlife and enjoy the view of our beautiful animals.


Kimba Café is happy to host any event, for families, friends, work, or even weddings!

Our coffee specialties

Cold Brew Latte

This is a real summery, light latte, the special feature of which is the way the espresso coffee in it is made: we steam it with ice, so the taste will be really soft and silky,

a must-have conversation is a must.

Serve with steamed milk and ice.

Dalgona Cappuchino

If you want something really strong and no espresso helps, this coffee is a great choice. Cappuchino in size, but much more exciting than that: from coffee

a silky but hard foam is formed and then made with the steamed milk 

complete. Percussive, creamy, delicious! 

Ice Cube Latte

An indispensable element of the frenzy is the Kimba Café Ice Cube Latte. Foamy, icy, but not the way we used to! This coffee will get stronger with the heat, because we are not using simple ice cubes, but the cubes are coffee flavored! 



Popcorn and Pancakes

It is located at the entrance of our café

the pancake maker at Kimbapark,

where the county’s finest pancakes and crispest popcorn  

we will bake for you!


Fast food

If you want a quick yet invigorating lunch, our buffet is a great choice! Gyros, burgers, hot dogs and many more delicacies await our guests! Of course, the purchased food can also be eaten on the terrace!


Cotton candy and ice cream

If our guests want a little sweetness, we warmly recommend our small but even more special cotton candy house, which is not an official Ice and Go resale place! Not to be missed!

With us, everyone will find something to their teeth!