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Hi, I'm Kimba!

I've been part of the Casselly family for over 30 years and now there's a park named after me! Anyway, I'm 35 years old and my favorite food is watermelon! Did you know that an elephant has nearly 40,000 muscles in its trunk alone?

photo of elephant called Kimba

Hello, my name is Nanda!

I am also a 35-year-old elephant girl and I love playing the trumpet with my huge trunk! My favorite is carrots, no wonder I weigh 3 tons! If it's very hot, I can cool myself by fanning my ears, and of course we have a lake here, where we can take a swim.

photo of elephant called Nanda
photo of elephant called Tonga

My name is Tonga

I am 31 years old, I grew up with Kimba and Nanda. Compared to the fact that I am also a girl, my tusks are large - nowadays more and more elephants have short tusks, which according to experts is because hunters and poachers mainly killed bulls with large tusks, so the ones with smaller tusks were more likely to reproduce. .

Hello, I'm Buba!

 I was the last to arrive in Töltéstava, I moved here from the Netherlands, and I feel very comfortable with the others! Bananas are my favorite and I also have a car tire that I love to play with. I eat up to 150 kg of food per day and drink 200 liters of water!

photo of elephant called Buba


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